Wedge ShowBiz 9000M memory

RAM memory (expansion)

System:  Notebook RAMMemory ex factory: ---
Maximum RAM: 128MBMemory slots: 1(1 bank of 1)

RAM Memory Module:


128MB Wedge ShowBiz 9000M

RAM memory extension
SDRAM-100 non-ECC
Wedge item number ABR
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Wedge ShowBiz 9000M Memory Configuration

The maximal ram memory expansion is128MB ram. For memory upgrade there is one ram slot.

Our maximum memory specifications may differ from those of the manufacturer as they may be obsolete. New memory technologies or bios or software patches make this possible with the same performance and stability.

We recommend for your ShowBiz 9000M Notebook a maximum upgrade with 128MB RAM.
A system upgrade is recommended if you are working with several memory-intensive programs at the same time. At least 1 or 2GB of memory should be installed.

Info Speicher Memory

Important information about your system memory (RAM)

Your system supports only memory modules with selected memory chips. If you think you have found a store for a lower price elsewhere, then it is possible that the cheaper memory chip will not work.

Memory from our website is 100% compatible with your system,
or you get your money back!

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Installation aid

Installation aid overview

Information and installation instructions for successful memory upgrade.



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